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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Croatia Airlines

The following are modifications Croatia’s national carrier, Croatia Airlines, will be making to their 2010 summer schedule. In the table below you can see the cities the airline will operate to, the number of weekly frequencies and the change in frequencies compared to the 2009/2010 winter season. All frequencies shown are during the peak summer season. The airline is entitled to change, add or reduce its destinations and frequencies. The table will be updated in case changes do occur.

From Zagreb

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Athens3▲ 3from June 01 – October 03
Barcelona3▲ 3
Bol1▲ 1from May 8 – October 16
Brussels9▲ 38th and 9th frequency from May 02
Copenhagen4▲ 1
Dubrovnik30▲ 8
Lisbon3▲ 3from June 11 – September 19
London-Heathrow8▲ 1
London-Gatwick4▲ 1
Lyon1▲ 1via Split from April 08 – October 09
Priština7▲ 27th frequency from May 04
Pula17▲ 1some flights via Zadar
Rome10▲ 3some flights via Dubrovnik and Split
Split31▲ 10
Tel Aviv1▲ 1from May 20 – October 07
Zadar14▲ 4

From Dubrovnik, the airline will operate direct flights to Amsterdam (1X per week), Dusseldorf (1X), Frankfurt (daily), Paris (2X), Rome (3X), Split (2X), Tel Aviv (1X), Vienna (2X), Zurich (3X) and Zagreb as noted in the table above.

From Osijek, Croatia Airlines will fly to Split (1X per week). From Pula the airline will operate to Amsterdam (1X per week), Zadar (daily) and Zagreb as stated in the table above.

From Split, the airline will head to Amsterdam (2X per week), Dubrovnik (2X), Dusseldorf (2X), Frankfurt (daily), London-Gatwick (2X), London-Heathrow (1X), Lyon (1X), Munich (daily), Osijek (1X), Paris (3X), Rome (daily), Vienna (4X), Zurich (4X) and Zagreb as stated in the table above.

From Zadar, the airline will operate to Pula (15X per week) and to Zagreb as stated in the table above.