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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Air Serbia (Belgrade - Prague)

Air Serbia launches daily flights to Prague:

Flight number: JU610/JU614
Departure city: BEG
Departure time: 07.10 (1-3-5-7), 18.15 (-2-4-6-)
Arrival time: 09.20 (1-3-5-7), 20.25 (-2-4-6-)
Arrival city: PRG
Aircraft type: ATR72
Day operating: 1234567


Flight number:JU611/JU615
Departure city: PRG
Departure time: 09.50 (1-3-5-7), 20.55 (-2-4-6-)
Arrival time: 11.50 (1-3-5-7), 22.25 (-2-4-6-)
Arrival city: BEG
Aircraft type: ATR72
Day operating: 1234567



  1. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit too much for buzzing ATR ? Timewise I mean, bit over 2 hours on that bird must be annoying.

  2. It is not that bad at all, I flew with JA, ZRH-BNX-ZRH and expected to be like that (too much buzzing) for almost 2 h 30 min, but actually the flights were quite pleasant. I could definitely say that there is more "buzzing" on Bombardier Dash 8, I couldn't wait to land when I flew with OU from PUY to ZAG, was very noisy (and that is one extremely short flight) .

    1. I agree that Dash 8 is really loud. I flew BEG - VIE several times on it and every time I wanted it to end as soon as possible. Not to mention that I was always sitting in front of the engine, where it's supposed to be less noisy.